Thermal technology has many practical applications in the real world and it is a great addition to, and enhancement of, existing security measures. If your company is willing to invest in thermal technology, it stands to benefit from the combined effects of traditional security solutions and more progressive, sustainable options.

Thermal technology is a highly viable alternative to other energy sources because of its relative abundance. It is therefore a real option moving forward in the security industry.

Thermodynamics and thermal technology in a nutshell

Heat travels from hot things to hold things, that’s the fundamental theory of thermodynamics. Think of a hot cup of coffee placed in a freezer. That cup of coffee will cool down sooner rather than later until the coffee’s temperature is the same as that of the air in the freezer. As planet earth slowly depletes all of its finite energy resources, alternatives must be found and they must be found quickly.

Sensors on thermal cameras create images from infrared using heat waves, meaning that they are equally effective day or night. Every person, structure or object in the world gives off infrared (heat) waves and this means that all of these real-world objects are detectable using thermal technology.

What are the practical applications of thermal technology in video security?

Thermal technology can be applied in an array of practical video security solutions today. Thermal cameras really shine at night, ironically, especially when used on facility perimeters for real-time detection of incidents and a proper physical response to those incidents.


PTZ and long-range thermal cameras utilise the impressive reach of infrared waves to cover a much larger area than can be covered by traditional security cameras. In addition, thermal cameras do not rely on an external light source to operate which makes them especially effective in large, dark environments.

Benefits of thermal technology

  • Highly accurate detection and clarity of images
  • Thermal sensors create images from infrared using heat waves, meaning that they are equally effective day or night
  • Smarter and more advanced than traditional video surveillance tools
  • Can be used in conjunction with existing security solutions and will enhance their efficacy
  • Thermal sensors are more versatile and cover more ground than more orthodox video cameras
  • Thermal technology is a great addition to an existing outdoor/perimeter surveillance system
  • Thermal technology doesn’t rely on an external light source, meaning that it is highly effective at night

Thermal technology is one of the most viable alternative energy sources and it is very real. It’s an abundant form of energy because every physical object gives off heat and that makes all of those objects detectable in this way. Thermal technology can be a powerful asset for businesses if business owners choose to harness it.

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