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Access control systems allow companies to protect their assets and personnel. Keys can be copied, stolen or lost, while electronic access control systems can be centrally controlled, modified and adapted. Once the system is installed, access rights can easily be managed, allowing varying levels of access to different staff members. An additional benefit of this system is that doors lock automatically and without the proper pin/access card an area cannot be entered. This reduces the chances of theft, industrial espionage and other potential criminal activity. Additionally, these systems can help to prevent accidents by limiting the number of people allowed in certain areas at any point in time.

Mr CCTV in partnership with Paxton and ZK provide access control solutions to our clients with the goal of:

  • Enhancing security and management control which
  • Will free up the resources of cash flow and time which
  • Can be invested in growing their companies

The Paxton product range includes everything from entry monitors to entry panels. The system can be adapted to many environments ranging from factories, logistics and industrial operations to schools and office buildings.

Paxton Access Control Systems
zkteco access control systems

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We aim to deliver the following benefits for our clients

  • Increased security
    • Monitoring clients and/or staff locations
    • Authorised access only
    • Time controlled access
  • More efficient management systems
    • Detailed reporting on movement
    • Electronic time keeping
    • Accurate electronic data
  • Reduced costs
    • 24/7 Access control
    • Electronic automation leads to
    • Fewer staff employed
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