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HikVision is the world’s leading provider of innovative CCTV product solutions. HikVision has reached and retained its No 1 position in the security industry through continuous R&D investment in new product technologies and rapid response to new market trends. The company employs 26’000 people worldwide and half are engineers dedicated to research & development making HikVision the world’s leading provider of innovative security products and solutions. Mr CCTV is proud to be a Gold Partner and offer their technology here in South Africa.

Together we provide a range of solutions which meet most commercial and industrial requirements. Included in this offering are the following

Distribution and Warehousing

  • Improved stock control
  • Accountability at Despatch/Receiving

  • Court approved visual record – Licence Plate Recognition (LPR)

  • Reduced pilferage


  • Improved staff management – particularly after hours

  • Court approved visual record – Labour disputes and breakages

  • Improved stock control

  • Reduced pilferage

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  • Improved management of vehicles and spares

  • Reduction in running costs – spares and fuel

  • Court approved visual record – License Plate Recognition (LPR)

  • Improved access control to high risk areas

Retail and Fuel Stations

  • Improved management of vehicle flow

  • Reduced pilferage by staff and customers

  • Improved detail and accuracy at all payment points

  • Text Overlay – which links purchases directly with the video footage

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