Safety at schools continues to be of paramount importance as educators in South Africa attempt to create a good learning environment for students. Video security is one tactic that will immediately increase the safety of students and teachers alike.

A strategy that combines excellent & thorough video surveillance with diligent emergency preparedness is a formula for safety success at schools. Here are some of the tactics you should be employing in order to improve video security on your school campus.

Equip Vulnerable Areas with Video Security

Schools, especially those located in high-crime areas in Gauteng or Cape Town, are at risk of being targeted by criminals. To make sure that students are as safe as possible during school hours, areas that are in more jeopardy of criminal activity should be prioritised. Despite the presence of budgetary constraints at most schools, video security in the following high-traffic areas is non-negotiable (of course all campuses are different and some will have their own unique risky areas):

  •  All main entrances and exits
  •  Common areas including hallways, passages and bathrooms
  •  Areas containing valuables such as libraries and computer labs
  •  Playgrounds
  •  Parking lots
  • Athletics fields

Be Prepared For Emergencies

Emergency preparedness is a crucial element of video security in schools. It mainly involves training of teachers, administrators, security guards, bus drivers and any other custodians of students in the art of emergency preparedness on and around campus. When all school custodians are on the same page regarding pre-emptive measures, potential threats & emergency best practices, the overall security of the students will increase and this can only be a good thing.

Implement Door Access Control & Mobile Video Security

Door access control policies are the best way to keep security threats out of school campuses before they become relevant and dangerous, although they aren’t the easiest to implement. Taken a step further, electronic access control systems can be implemented if your campus needs an extra layer of protection and a centralised system that can monitor multiple locations. Mobile video security is the next step for schools that need eyes on off-campus activities and increased accountability of the behaviour and performance of drivers and students.