License Plate Recognition (LPR) software is the wave of the future when it comes to hi-tech security solutions for your business.

License Plate Recognition is built using sophisticated algorithms that help to identify license plates in various scenarios and locations. Instead of having to understand these complex algorithms, it’s more useful to understand the benefits of the technology of itself and how you can take advantage of these benefits.

Why is LPR cool?

Typically, License Plate Recognition cameras use infrared technology. This means that they can capture images any time of day with the clarity and resolution required to easily identify the important details. Optical character recognition is sophisticated enough to detect and capture images of plates regardless of the font or style used in the text.

Because of the increased radius of LPR technology, it is able to not only capture images of license plates entering a premises but also those passing by.

Benefits of LPR

● LPR allows users to track, record and store vital license plate information in one central database location
● Infra-red number plate compatible cameras are state-of-the-art and functional day and night
● Proactive threat detection when used in conjunction with a database
● Security of premises from all access points
● Efficient in monitoring vehicle access control to/from premises, lessening the load on security personnel

Why Invest in License Plate Recognition Technology?

If your business is potentially under threat when it comes to access control by unwanted vehicles, it’s worthwhile looking into LPR as a viable way to combat such threats. Not only is LPR useful for detecting and controlling threats, it’s just as effective as an access control system for existing employees of a business. In that sense, it’s an alternative to other access control methods such as cards and codes but with the added benefit of controlling threats occurring within a larger radius.

In a nutshell, LPR detects a number/license plate’s image and then enhances it to a level where it can be easily viewed.

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